Alpha diversity of lichens associated with Quercus laurina in a mountain cloud forest at Cofre de Perote eastern slope (La Cortadura), Veracruz, Mexico


An inventory of epiphyte lichens was carried out on 15 phorophytes of Quercus laurina Humb. & Bonpl. located along a mountain ridge in a mountain cloud forest at La Cortadura Ecological Reserve, Coatepec, Veracruz. For each tree the five zones following Johansson’s method were distinguished. Ascents were made in selected trees using the single-rope technique, collecting samples along the trunk and some branches of the crown. A total of 126 lichen species were found, belonging to 60 genera, 24 families and 10 orders. The most diverse genus was Graphis (12 species), followed by Parmotrema (9), Hypotrachyna (8), Pertusaria and Usnea (5). Crustose lichens dominated (79%) over foliose (38%) and fruticose (8%) types. Although some species preferred one of the trees while others were common to all (13), no significant differences were observed between phorophytes. The genus Sticta was found in basal and intermediate tree zones; Ramalina and Usnea were recorded in all areas. Twenty-one new records are reported for Mexico, and 21 for the state of Veracruz.