Three New Lichen Species from Cloud forest in Veracuz, Mexico


The following new lichen species are described: Astrothelium coccineum, with ascomata immersed in groups in pseudostromata that are red outside and yellow pigmented inside, ostioles black, and ascospores 3-septate, 25-30 × 10-12.5 µm. Micarea viridicapitata, with olive green thallus with many pale green globose soredia and brown ascomata that are often in botryose groups, and ascospores bacillar with rounded ends, (l-)3-septate, ( 11-) 15-17 × 3-3.5 µm. Protoparmelia microspore, a corticolous Protoparmelia with sessile brown ascomata and ascospores 8/ascus, (6-)7.5-10 × 3.5-5 µm. These species were all found in cloud forest in La Cortadura, Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. Protoparmelia dadiola is reported from the same area; it is new to the northern hemisphere.